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Why you should consider a fabulous Winter Wedding

So you are thinking a winter wedding might be for you?

Experienced Oxfordshire photographers Vicki & Helen (better known as V&H Photography) have pulled together all the wonderful reasons to consider the cosy season and how to make the most of your winter wedding.

Here are just some of the reasons you might opt for a winter wedding.

No worrying about the weather

Winter weddings are generally planned with the majority of the time indoors, cosy and warm, which means not worrying if it rains for the entire day as it will make little difference to your plans. If you’ve already designed the majority for your day indoors the forecast is one less thing you have to consider.

The advantages of being in the quieter wedding season

Your suppliers (and guests!) will be in their quieter season which means they are more likely to be available for your date which means more choice, especially useful if you are planning a wedding in a shorter time frame.

You might also find that some suppliers offer specific deals during their quieter season so you may be able to fit more into your budget if you are not opting for a peak season wedding.

Great Lighting indoors and out

With the sun lower in the sky and setting earlier, winter light can be absolutely beautiful for photographs. Unlike harsh midday summer sun, winter light is softer and more flattering, gorgeous for portraits and formal photos and makes for way less squinting!

When it comes to the evening you can make the most of the darkness by lighting your venue to really get the look you want, from mirrorball, to candles to fairy lights.

You can lean into your theme

Having a distinct season for your wedding can really help when deciding on colours and decor, winter is the perfect time to be a little bolder and full on. If you have a love for drama and sparkles then this is the perfect time to embrace it either in your outfits, your decor or your lighting.

Everyone is already in the mood for a celebration

Summer time can be busy and exhausting whereas in winter everyone needs very little excuse to dress up and be in the party mood. Our most energetic dance floors are nearly always in winter. Why? Because no one is exhausted from a hot day in the sun.

Winter weddings tend to be full of energy and fun as people make the most of being out and about and getting to see their friends and family.

So you’ve decided a winter wedding is for you, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your day.

Choose a venue with lots of indoor space

Most wedding venues (especially in the UK) will have some indoor space available to you but if you are planning a winter wedding you might want to consider a venue where you will be indoors for the majority of the time. This means you can have a variety of spaces to move through during the day from ceremony to drinks reception through to your wedding breakfast and the dancing.

A city centre wedding can be a great choice for winter as you have less risk of being affected by snow and ice or being stuck in a muddy field. City centre venues also tend to naturally rely on more indoor space so they can be the perfect set up.

Warm drinks and cosy accessories

If you are having some photos or part of the reception outside, having some warm drinks is a great way of keeping everyone toasty and really leans into the cosy season. If you’re opting for cocktails, think about seasonal warming favourites.

Embrace the different layers and accessories you can add to your outfits to keep you cosy when needed. Think velvet, tweed, faux fur and detailed sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

Nail the perfect timeline

With a winter wedding your timeline will become even more important for ensuring you make the most of your day. An experienced team of suppliers will be able to help you create a timeline that allows everything to run to schedule meaning you can make the most of those daylight hours.

Also have a think beforehand about any backup plans if you have outdoor areas or if you are planning your group photos outside. That way if the weather isn’t great you can quickly move to plan B without any interruption or loss of time.

Consider having your couple shoot first with later ceremonies

If your ceremony is a little later and you will be missing any daylight for couples photos you could consider a first look with your other half. Seeing each other for the first time alone can be a really special moment and a great way of adapting to the timings of your day by doing something a little unusual.

Use the chance to have some indoor portraits as well

Indoor portraits give the chance for photographers to flex their creative muscles and have a play with lighting to create something different and unusual. You can still have gorgeous golden hours in winter but making the most of the inside space of your venue and being more creative can lead to some truly spectacular portraits.

Thank you V&H for these fantastic tips on winter weddings and for highlighting how magical a wedding in the chillier days can be. At the Bodleian, we have multiple beautiful indoor spaces which work well for your winter wedding, and as the dark night draws in, the Bodleian stone glows with the wedding lights. We have indoor options for your ceremony, drinks reception & evening reception – please get in touch if you would like to discuss your winter wedding further!

All photography by V&H Photography

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